Mechanical Rotating Equipment Instrumentation Control Systems DCS/ESD Electrical Operations Process Instructors jobs

ExidaSP Consultant Co. Incorporated is currently bidding for a local project in the UAE and following are required positions to fill:

  1. Mechanical Instructors (10 nos.)
  2. Rotating Equipment Instructors (4 nos.)
  3. Instrumentation Instructors (10 nos.)
  4. Control Systems Instructors (6 nos.)
  5. DCS/ESD Instructors (10 nos.)
  6. Electrical Instructors (10 nos.)
  7. Operations Process Instructors (20 nos.)
  8. Operations Sulphur Instructors (4 nos.)
  9. Reliability Instructors (4 nos.)
  10. Inspection Instructors (4 nos.)

Qualifications are as follows:
· A Bachelor / Master’s Degree in Engineering.
· At least 7 years’ oil & gas or related industry Core Experience in the same field in the discipline/specialization they are teaching.
· At least 3 years’ additional experience as an instructor in the field they are teaching.

To be considered for this post and to find out more, please submit your CV to

Please note, due to the high number of applicants we are receiving, only applications matching the above criteria will get a response. Many thanks

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