Junior Production Technician Offshore Rotational Job

Junior Production Technician Offshore Rotational Job

Junior Production Technician

Date Posted:  24-Nov-2022

Legal Entity:  Yinson Lavender Operations Sdn Bhd

Job Function:  Offshore

Location:  FPSO Helang

Employment Type:  Fixed Term

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Execute safe and efficient operation of Production Plant

Execute and coordinate actions to maintain utilities and energy sources necessary to support daily production.


To assist Senior Production Operator with all process operations and maintenance


  • The responsibilities include the main General and Special responsibilities listed below. In addition, the OIM or any superior may assign any other tasks to be performed.
  • To carry out process and maintenance duties safely and professionally in accordance with Company HSEQ and industrial standard
  • Start-up, shutdown, normal operation and emergency handling of all production equipment
  • Understanding of the safe limits of operation
  • Preparation and isolation of plant for intrusive maintenance
  • WHT operations including well line up, Pigging and chemical injection packages
  • Monitor and control production, take readings and record
  • Collect samples, take BS&W measurement and record
  • To ensure supply of utilities and that cooling water and steam condensate is free of oil content
  • Perform 1st line maintenance according to lists provided by SPOP and PSUP
  • Carrying out vessel isolation, draining, vessel entry, internal and external cleaning, work at pipe racks and other production equipment at height in a safe manner as and when required by SPOP and PSUP 
  • Logging data and parameters, understanding and interpretation of data
  • Ensure continuous oil production with minimum down time
  • Assist to INST in any maintenance jobs with Maintenance Team.
  • Report any leaks and equipment failure to SPOP and PSUP
  • Be familiar with PTW system
  • Be familiar with CMMS 
  • Be familiar with ESD System and have knowledge of necessary actions to take in the event of various emergency situations, including, but not limited to PSD, ESD, fire and gas alarms F&G system 
  • Be familiar with production plant operations, including its safety features


Delegated authority by PSUP 


  • For certificates and training, see Company Training Matrix, Unit Specific Training Matrix and CBT Matrix
  • Basic knowledge in chemical and/or process plant 
  • General mechanical competence 
  • Good English written and spoken

Preferbly Malaysia

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Junior Production Technician Offshore Rotational Job
Junior Production Technician Offshore Rotational Job
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